Cognac product photography

From beginning to end.

Development process for cognac bottle CAMUS. I wanted to find out if I would be able to create a picture, purely with my own knowledge, without looking at tutorials on YouTube or Google. As it turns out, I can. However, a big inspiration came from a youtube video that had been in my memory for several years. But only now I had all the equipment to be able to realize the plan. A tripod, a good camera, a computer, programs, lights, knowledge and the desire to create something without financial compensation. Enthusiasm and curiosity are the main drivers for this type of project. Will it happen or not?

By combining light sources, it is possible to arrive at an expressive result. By shining light through the bottle, we get an unusual view that attracts attention. by adding a slightly smoky background, we give the picture a bit of character. In general, the technique is nothing new and unseen, but I personally enjoyed creating and gluing it together!

Let's try a different method next time. There is no development if it is not done!

Photo / Post-processing: Jānis Kaugurs / Capture design
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