Development of a menu

Elements included in the menu design development process:
We take unique pictures of food or find alternative solutions to address your clients
We make post-processing of photos so that your product stands out and makes your clients’ mouth to water
We create a unique design and layout of the menu
Development of menu’s design on the base of client’s idea
Development of menu’s design without client’s idea
Improvement of menu’s design
Printout of menu’s design materials (according to agreement, depending on the volume and complexity)
By visually stimulating a purchaser, there is a larger possibility that the client will choose your special and most expensive dish.

Successful images stimulate the consumers more often when compared with printed text, so we create individual pictures of your products, by suggesting choosing the product you want to sell most.

We shall listen to your ideas and take them into account, and also suggest the best solutions.
Office location:
Riga, A. Chaka street 55, 2nd floor / hotel "Viktorija"
Opening hours:
Workdays: 10:00-18:00
Saturday, Sunday: closed


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